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LegalZoom Review 

LegalZoom launched in 1999 to bring legal assistance to ordinary people and has helped over 3.6 million customers since then. They have become particularly successful in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners with their legal needs and do so across several areas. Business formation is…


Accountants and Startups 

By Bryce Sanders Everyone dreams of getting in on the ground floor of a startup, but how do they engage accounting services and, moreover, how do startups, start up? Let’s address the question both from a numbers and an on the ground experience perspective.  By…


LegalShield Review 

For more than 40 years, LegalShield has empowered individuals and small businesses with access to trusted legal advice at an affordable price. Small business owners can pick monthly subscription plans ranging from $39-$89 per month, depending upon the size of their company. These subscriptions then…


Aligning Internal Systems for Success 

By Stephanie Mewhiney This is an amazing time for smaller organizations and startups, especially those in the high tech and IT spaces. Big enterprises need their innovation, and eagerly purchase their wares. This trend isn’t going to end anytime soon either. This is an amazing…


Why Small Businesses Need Insurance 

By Bethan Moorcraft A fresh rash of store closings and commercial bankruptcy filings is expected to hit the US retail industry in 2018. Data released by Cushman & Wakefield suggests more than 12,000 stores could close in the coming year, up from roughly 9,000 in 2017….

Business Loans

Deferring SBA Loans 

By Matt D’Angelo A loan deferment is a modification or suspension of your monthly payments. With SBA loans, your lender has the option to defer your loan payments, usually for up to about six months. An SBA loan deferment is not a tool to help…

Business Loans

What Drives Small Business Loans 

By Chet Kamat Small businesses are unsung customers for banks. While small businesses tend to be overshadowed by large corporates, they are in fact key customers and contribute significantly to the overall loan business. In the U.S., debt account and credit card financing for small…